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Wine Dictionary

Weinglossar Stichwörter - Geschmackssinn, Robert Parker, Barriquefass, Chardonnaytraube, Traubenwickler

The wine lexicon of Wine Plus is the world's largest online knowledge database on wine. It consists of keywords (terms) and entries (texts) that explain these keywords. It contains descriptions of about 1,700 grape varieties, over 2,000 wineries, well over 10,000 different vineyard, wine and vinification terms, about 100 wine-growing countries with their viticultural history, wine-growing regions, grape varieties, wineries and wines, over 600 biographies of famous winegrowers as well as all important wine law issues. In the period from 1999 with about 800 keywords at that time until today it has grown about 30 times. The encyclopaedia is a "living" work, as it constantly takes into account the advice of users, adapting it to their needs.

Weinglossar Stihwörter - Maischegärung, Château Margaux, Veredelung, Reblaus (Kreislauf), Zieregg (Riede)

Scope of the encyclopaedia

There are more than 23,000 keywords, most of them with very detailed texts. These contain over 150,000 cross-references (hyperlinks) to other keywords - these are highlighted in red. In addition, there are over 48,000 synonyms (alias terms). This means that 71,000 terms lead to a hit. In printed form, this would result in over 4,500 pages in A4 format with pure text. However, since about 3,000 keywords include at least one picture/graphic, because "pictures say more than 1,000 words", the result is about 6,000 pages.

Weinglossar - Buchregal mit vielen Weinbüchern, die dem Umfang des Glossars entsprechen

Search for terms

With a wine lexicon of this size, the question inevitably arises as to how to find the desired information most quickly. In principle, there are two possibilities:

1) Clicking on 0-9 or a letter (dictionary terms by first letter)
2) Enter a search term in the search field

Weinlexikon - Suchleiste

In variant 1, all keywords are displayed in alphabetical order and the total number is also shown. Now it can be determined whether there is a desired keyword or a similar one. However, this can be time-consuming, as many letters have well over 1,000 keywords. If a particular word is not found under C, look under K or Z; the same applies to Ch under Dsch and Tsch, F under Ph, J under Y, Sch under Ch and Sh, and V under W (and vice versa, of course).

In variant 2, a term or the desired information is entered in the search field, whereby no diacritical characters need be taken into account. These are dots, strokes, checkmarks, arcs or circles that indicate a different pronunciation or emphasis and are superimposed or subordinated to the letter. Diacritical characters are particularly common in Eastern and Southern languages(Greek, Croatian, Romanian, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish, Czech, Turkish, Hungarian, etc.). This means that instead of "â" also "a" or instead of "ñ" also "n" or instead of "ç" also "c" is sufficient. This also applies to the "ß" and umlauts - units of measurement are also found with "units of measurement", with "oldest wines" oldest wines and with "Große Lage" Grosse Lage. Likewise, it is not necessary to pay attention to upper/lower case, hyphens and blanks. In addition, minor spelling mistakes are also tolerated, with "Eziehungsfom" "Erziehungsform" is found.


If the specified "keyword" matches an existing "keyword" 1:1, it will be displayed first. All other keywords listed are sorted by relevance. The longer the keyword (containing the search word as a part) or the less it matches, the less relevant it is and is therefore further down the list. This can of course be a correspondingly "many" keywords.

Weinglossar Stichwörter - Torna Viagem, Franreich, Anthraknose, Fruchtbombe, Biowein

Synonyms are used for almost all keywords. With the keyword fermentation there are among other things fermentation, fermentation, fermentation start, fermentation method, fermentation process, fermentation course, fermentation tank, fermentation stop, fermentation time, fermentation products, open fermentation and many more. If the "search word" does not match a keyword, but matches a synonym 1:1, the corresponding keyword is also displayed first.

Weinglossar Stichwörter - Amphore, Rotweinglas, Mosel (Trittenheim), Verschlüsse, Weinstein

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

From practice now some frequently asked questions, which were asked by the users of the wine lexicon in the past exactly in this or a similar form and therefore keywords were created:

Weinglossar Fragen: what?, who?, whre?, when?, how?, why?

Another 250+ questions in a similar form with references to the keywords with the answers can be found on the lexicon start page under the block "Have you ever asked yourself?

The wine question of the day

Also on the home page, in the block "The wine question of the day", more than 500 questions are asked in a multiple choice procedure. After the answer, the correct solution and the corresponding keyword are displayed. It is possible to select any number of further questions by clicking on them. Three examples:

What is the botanical name for the fungal disease powdery mildew, which was introduced from America in the 19th century and is often used in this form in specialist publications?

O Peronospora (also vine peronospora)
O Botrytis (also Botrytis cinerea)
O Eutypiosis (also eutypiosis lata)
O Oidium (also Oidium tuckeri)

According to EU-wide regulations, what does a residual sugar of or maximum 18 g/l mean in terms of taste in wine?

O dry
O semi-dry
O lovely
O sweet

From which grape variety is the French white wine Chablis (Burgundy) made?

O Sauvignon Blanc
O Pinot Blanc
O Chardonnay
O Savagnin Blanc

Theme portals

Weinglossar - Themenportale Weinbereitung, Weingesetz, Weingenuss

For a larger number of related terms or terms belonging to the same topic, 60 so-called topic portals were created, where all relevant keywords of the topic are listed. These are listed with diagrams on the lexicon homepage. With these six you can get a good overview of the wine lexicon content: Winemaking, wine law, wine enjoyment, label, grape variety and vineyard care.

Themenkatalog 2

Feedback & Facebook page

And now good luck with your search - Norbert Tischelmayer
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Barriqe: By Gerard Prins - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link
Chardonnay: Ursula Brühl, Doris Schneider, Julius Kühn Institute (JKI)

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