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water shoot

Name (also water shoots, water shoots, geile shoots) for secondary shoots on the vine that have formed from a "dormant eye". Normal fruit shoots form from the axillary buds that remained as winter eyes on the one-year-old wood after pruning. Water shoots, on the other hand, form from adventitious bud s on the perennial wood, which are not already established, but are newly formed from reembryonated cells of the cambium when needed. An old name is "brain shoot" (brain stands for head). This is because the buds often form at the head of the main stem, where the vine is cut back to one or two canes or cones during winter pruning. In contrast, secondary shoots that form at the bottom of the trunk, i.e. at the base or roots, are called basal shoots or root shoots. In the literature, however, no distinction is often made between these side shoots.

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