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Since the 2021 vintage, DAC area defined by wine law (specific winegrowing area) in the Austrian winegrowing region of Lower Austria (generic winegrowing area). See under Wagram.

One of the eight specific wine-growing areas in the Austrian province or generic wine-growing region of Lower Austria. From 1995 to 2007 it was called Donauland, but this confusing name never caught on because the Danube also flows through other wine-growing areas. The new name Wagram became valid from the 2007 vintage. The soil elevation north of the Danube that gives the area its name stretches from Feuersbrunn in the west to Heldenberg in the northeast.

Wagram - Weingärten mit rechts im Hintergrund Großweikersdorf

Climate & Soils

The name (Wachrain) is derived from "Wogenrain" or "Wogenrand", which was the former edge of the Danube in the Tullner Feld during the last Ice Age. On a base of primary rock lies a spring horizon of marine sand, above which loess piles up to twelve metres high. The yellow soil has a high water storage capacity and produces multi-layered wines. The climate is different in the two sub-areas of Wagram and Klosterneuburg; see below.

Winegrowing area (sub-areas Wagram and Klosterneuburg)

The Wagram winegrowing area consists of two areas separated by the Danube. To the north and along the river stretches the much larger area mentioned above between the two wine-growing areas of Kamptal in the west and Vienna in the east. It also gave the name to the wine-growing region and covers around 2,100 hectares of vineyards. Well-known wine-growing communities are Fels am Wagram (with the vineyards Fumberg, Hammergraben, Mitterweg, Schafberg, Weelfel, Wora); Grafenwörth (Am Berg, Kellerweingarten, Nußberg and Rosenberg); Großriedenthal (Alter Weingarten, Eisenhut and Goldberg); Großweikersdorf as well as Kirchberg am Wagram (Hundsberg, Schlossberg and Steinberg).

Wagram - topographsiche Karte

East of this and south of the Danube lies the second part named after the town Klosterneuburg, including the town of Tulln and the municipality of Atzenbrugg. When the wine-growing area was renamed from Donauland to Wagram, this area was given the status of Großlage. The vineyards of this much smaller part cover about 350 hectares of vineyards. The cadastral communities of Höflein, Kierling, Kritzendorf, Maria Gugging, Weidling and Weidlingbach belong to Klosterneuburg. Well-known vineyards are Franzhauser, Weidling, Wieden and Ziegelgrub. The climate is characterised by the influence of the Danube, the protection against cold northern air by the foothills of the Manhartsberg and the nearby Pannonian region.

Grape variety list

In 2022, the vineyards covered a total of 2,459 hectares of vines. Compared to 2015 with 2,720 hectares, this was a reduction of 261 hectares (9.6%). The share of white wine varieties is 82%, the share of red wine varieties 18%. It is dominated with more than half of the stock Grüner Veltliner, followed by Zweigelt, Riesling, Müller-Thurgau and Roter Veltiner.

Grape variety
Main name

in Austria
permitted synonyms






Grüner Veltliner Weißgipfler white 1.334 54,2 1.331 48,9
Zweigelt Blue Zweigelt, Rotburger red 303 12,3 373 13,7
White Riesling Riesling, Rhine Riesling white 135 5,5 134 4,9
Müller-Thurgau Rivaner white 105 4,3 171 6,3
Roter Veltliner - white 102 4,1 83 3,0
White Burgundy Pinot Blanc,...

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