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Vitis champinii

One of about 30 American species or wild vines with the correct and complete botanical name Vitis x champinii Planch. (the "x" denotes the fact of a crossing). A trivial synonym is Champin's Grape. The vine was originally considered a separate species by the French ampelographer Jules Émile Planchon (1823-1888). However, it is a hybrid of a presumably natural cross between wild vines of Vitis mustangensis x Vitis rupestris. It occurs mainly in central Texas. The lime-tolerant vine has good resistance to phylloxera and very good resistance to nematodes (threadworms). It is therefore often used for the cultivation of rootstock vines. This was the case with the varieties Champanel, Dog Ridge, Freedom and Harmony, among others. See also under American Vines and Vine System.

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