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Vitis bourquina

One of about 30 American species or wild vines with the correct and complete botanical name Vitis x bourquina Munson (the "x" denotes the fact of a cross). It is a hybrid of a cross between American wild vines of Vitis aestivalis x Vitis cinerea. However, other possible partners are species like Vitis acerifolia, Vitis candicans(Vitis mustangensis) and also Vitis vinifera. Botanical synonyms or old names are Vitis aestivalis var. bourquiniana Bailey, Vitis bourquina Munson ex Viala and Vitis bourquiniana Munson. Trivial synonyms are Aestivalis du Sud, Doan's Grape and Southern Summer Grape.

The part of the name Munson refers to the US botanist Thomas Volney Munson (1843-1903), who intensively studied this species. According to one hypothesis, varieties such as Herbemont and Jacquez (see the history there) and others already hybridised have arrived in North America from Europe(Madeira). But this is unlikely, because why would such crossings have been carried out in Europe in the middle of the 18th century. The plagues of powdery mildew and phylloxera, which were only introduced in the middle of the 19th century, were still unknown here at that time. The varieties are mainly found in the south of the USA. See also under American Vines and Vine System.

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