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Wine and related products have been used in ancient times in various forms both internally and externally as a health-promoting agent and against diseases. Wealthy women used grape seed oil to keep their skin soft and supple. Already the Greek physician Hippocrates (460-377 B.C.) recommended wine as a remedy for various ailments and pointed out the health aspects of wine consumption. He was followed by many others, such as the mystics Hildegard von Bingen (1098-1179), who praised the cleansing effect of wine on the blood, juices and vessels of man with many recipes.

The chemist Dr. Friedrich Hoffmann (1660-1742) from the Saale city of Halle was one of the most famous medical doctors of his time. He not only invented the "Hoffmanns Tropfen" (3 parts alcohol, 1 part ether) named after him, but also developed a special wine cure. He wrote: "But what better and more appropriate remedy to refresh and increase the movement of the blood than wine - especially Rhine wine? In France, the world's first wine spa hotel was opened in Bordeaux and a so-called vinotherapy was developed in cooperation with the University of Bordeaux.

Today many spa facilities and wellness hotels offer services to promote well-being, beauty and health. The range includes various therapies with regard to cardiovascular diseases and the positive effects of wine on the immune system, fat metabolism, infection defence, blood formation, memory performance, osteoporosis and psyche, as well as targeted weight loss and purification. External application is in the form of baths, grape seed oil massages, peelings or marc packs. For older or very dry skin, the treatment has a regenerating and preventive effect against skin aging and cell damage. This is complemented by the enjoyment of grape products such as grape juice, biscuits made from grape seed flour, salad with grape seed oil dressing and tea made from dried grapes and also wine enjoyment. The positive effect of resveratrol as an antioxidant (radical scavenger) is well known.

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