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A new type of bottle closure for wine and spirits bottles developed by Alcoa (Worms, Germany), colloquially known as a "glass cork". In 2008 the company's division "Closure Systems and Packaging Machinery" (beverage industry) was sold to the "New Zealand's Rank Group". The Vino-Lok activities are now carried out by the "Closure Systems International" division of this company. Serial production started in 2004, with product development being accompanied by tests and studies conducted by scientists and wine experts from the Geisenheim University of Applied Sciences and the Oppenheim-Rheinhessen State Teaching and Research Institute. According to the manufacturer, Vino-Lok offers high product safety and taste neutrality without the risks and weaknesses of a cork, especially with regard to the dreaded wine defect cork taster. The closure is also fully recyclable.

Vinolok - Glasverschluss-System und verschiedene Glaskorken

The closure is not glass on glass (this would not result in a tight closure). The system consists of a closure and a cap (look, which is available in transparent, or in PVC, aluminium or tin). The closure cap (1) ensures the safety of the system during storage and transport. The closure (2) is made of high quality glass and is resistant to mechanical damage. The sealing ring (3) is made of "Elvax by DuPont"; this plastic does not contain any plasticizers or allergens. The closure (4) is inserted manually or by means of a semi or fully automatic filling machine.

There are different sizes for bottle necks with 17.5 mm; 18.2 mm; 18.5 mm; 20.0 mm; 21.5 mm and 23.0 mm. According to the manufacturer, the closure allows very low OTR values (transfer rate of oxygen). As a result, the wines develop more slowly, which has a positive effect especially on red wines. The bottles can be opened with just one click and with a second click they can easily be closed tightly again. This is clearly shown in the video (click). See also other alternative closure types under closures.

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