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Vine Thrips

An insect belonging to the order of Thysanoptera, with about 5,500 species worldwide, of which about 400 species occur in Central Europe. The trivial name Thysanoptera is due to their typical long hair fringes on the wing edges. Only the species Rebenthrips (Drepanothrips reuteri) is of importance as a pest on vines, but it also infests other plants. The insect hibernates as a female preferably under the bark of the stem, but also on withered leaves and in the soil. With the shoot in spring, the first animals migrate to the leaves and lay bean-shaped eggs, about 0.2 millimetres in size, in the leaf tissue. The development takes place via two larval and up to three nymph stages (juvenile stages) to the trained sexual animals. These are only 0.6 to 0.8 millimetres in size, have characteristically fringed wings, two visible eyes and a pair of feelers with six limbs.

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