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Vine Organs

See under vine.

In the taxonomic system, the grapevine is assigned to the subclass Rosidae (rose plants), the order Vitales (grapevine species), the family Vitaceae (grapevine plants) as well as the genus Vitis (see Weinrebegrapevine systematics). It is a creeping plant that originally climbed up trees. A grapevine can reach enormous dimensions and in extreme cases can reach an age of over 300 years. The morphology is divided into three main organs: roots, shoot axis (stem with shoots) and leaves. The entire root system lies underground, the largest part of it at a depth of 20 to 50 centimetres, which of course depends strongly on the type of soil. This anchors the vine in the soil and provides it with all the necessary nutrients and water.

Weinrebe - Weintraube, Rebstock und Weinberg

Lower part (root system)

In many countries of the New World, artificial irrigation is common practice; in the EU this is subject to permission. In the form of grafted vines, which is common by grafting, the root functions are fulfilled by the rootstock. The ideal soil has a balanced relationship between water storage capacity and water withdrawal, so that the roots are forced to spread far and deep in the soil. In loose soil, the roots can penetrate to a depth of up to 15 metres. The lateral roots spread mainly in the upper layers and absorb water and nutrients via the thin fibre roots (root hairs). The tau roots (day roots or aerial roots) spread just below the surface of the earth.

Rebstock - Unterteil und Oberteil-

Upper part (scions)

Above the earth's surface lies first the so-called "old" wood, i.e. the trunk formed from the grafting of graft rice during grafting and the cordons (legs) branching off from it. Water shoots (undesirable secondary shoots) can form on the trunk (also underground) from adventitious buds. The biennial rods and cones stand on the thighs, and the...

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