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Vine family tree

A classical family tree represents the descendants of a person or another living being and is part of the genealogy (genealogy). It is impossible to represent the descent of "all" grape varieties or even just a few in this form and fails for several reasons. The biologist Andreas Jung remarks the following: Although there are many individual parent-offspring relationships, there are no real pedigrees, because often only the mother is clear and the father is missing, as is the case with the numerous seedlings of Gouais Blanc (White Heunisch). Every seed (kernel) in a berry is in principle a potential new grape variety, but it only becomes a new grape variety when the kernel reaches the earth, germinates there and grows into a vine. Within a berry with 5 to 6 seeds, the fathers can be 5 to 6 varieties, depending on the pollen that was blown up during flowering.

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