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Vin des Glaciers

Designation (also Vin du Glacier) for a traditional dessert white wine from the Val d'Anniviers south of Sierre (Siders) in the Swiss canton of Valais. The classic blend of grape varieties used to be around 90% Rèze, as well as 10% of Humagne Blanche, Ermitage(Marsanne), Arvine and Malvoisie(Pinot Gris). It was therefore also called Rèze after the main variety. Today, the wine is mostly produced from Fendant (protected name for Chasselas) and supplemented with Ermitage and Malvoisie. Fermentation takes place in Sierre, then the wine is transferred in larch barrels to the Val d'Anniviers at high altitude near the glaciers, where it matures. This is also where the name comes from. The oxidative ageing can last up to ten years or more, with annual refilling of the barrels, similar to a solera process. The tan-coloured wine, which is rich in alcohol at 13 to 16% vol. and has aromas of lovage and nuts, is similar in taste to sherry.

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