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Vermorel Victor

The French politician and viticulture expert Victor Vermorel (1848-1927) was president of the "Comice Agricole et viticole du Beaujolais", long-time Rhône senator and director of the "Station viticole de Villefranche" winery. His company produced agricultural machinery and carried out research in the automotive and aeronautical industries. He was also successfully engaged in research and control of various vine pests and vine diseases such as mildew. In his company, a portable device with a hand pump was developed with which the Bordeaux broth could be sprayed thinly.

Between 1901 and 1910, in collaboration with the scientist Professor Pierre Viala (1859-1936), after ten years of study and meticulous research with a team of seventy people, the work "Ampélographie - Traité général de viticulture" was published in seven volumes. It was the standard ampelographic work at the time and contained 24,000 grape varieties with their synonyms, 570 mostly colour lithographic plates and numerous illustrations (four of these plates or grape variety pictures are shown below).

By the way, many reproductions of the grape variety pictures were used in the grape variety bible "Wine Grapes" (Jancis Robinson, José Vouillamoz, Julia Harding) published in 2012. Whether the 24,000 grape varieties described are really all independent is doubtful according to current knowledge, but this should not diminish the great achievement. The work was reissued in 1991. Vermorel was the author of further publications on vine cultivation, pest and disease control and vinification.

Vermorel Victor - Grand Noir de la Calmette, Tressalier (Sacy), Alphonse de Lavallée, Dattier de Beyrouth (Afus Ali)

Portrait Vermorel: Par Inconnu - Senate, Domaine public, Link
Grand Noir de la Calmette: Par Viala et Vermorel - Agefotostock, Domaine public, Link
Tressalier(Sacy): Par Viala et Vermorel - Ampélography, Domaine public, Link
Alphonse Lavallée: Par Viala et Vermorel - Ampélography, Domaine public, Link
Dattier de Beyrouth(Afus Ali): Par Viala et Vermorel - Ampélography, Domaine public, Link

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