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The Roman writer, historian and politician Marcius Terentius Varro (116-27 BC) was one of the most important and prolific ancient authors. He was a troop commander under Pompey (106-48 BC), was imprisoned by Julius Caesar (100-44 BC) after the Battle of Pharsalos (48 BC), but was then pardoned and appointed Imperial Librarian. His extensive works cover a wide range such as grammar, geography, training, natural sciences, philosophy and law. He was described by the Roman rhetor Marcus Fabius Quintilian (35-96) as "the most learned of all Romans". Of his complete works, only "De re rustica" (also Res rusticae = On Agriculture) has survived in its entirety. He wrote it at the ripe old age of 80 and dedicated it to his wife, who owned a country estate. The first of the three volumes describes agriculture, including viticulture. The other volumes deal mainly with animal husbandry

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