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Valencí Tinto

The red grape variety originates from France or Spain. Synonyms are Beba Negra, Calop Negro, Planta Mula, Planta de Mula, Rucial de Mula, Valencí, Valencia Tinto, Valenciana Tinto (Spain); Danugue, Danugue Croquant, Danugue Noir, Danyugyu, Gros Guillaume de Nantes, Gros Guillaume Noir, Grumiere Negro, Grumiere Tinto, Merveille de Vaucluse, Plant Fabre, Valenci Noir (France). It should not be confused with the varieties Bobal (Valenciana Tinto), Danugue (Valencia Tinto, Valencí Noir), Mandón (Valenciana Tinta) or Planta Mula, despite seemingly suggestive synonyms or morphological similarities. There may be a genetic relationship with the white variety Beba (Calop Blanco, Grumiere Blanco, Valencí Blanco). The variety is used as a grape variety and table grape. It is mainly cultivated in the region of Extremadura and La Mancha. In 2016, 26 hectares of vineyards were designated (Kym Anderson statistics).

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