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Synonym (also Üchse) for the lateral shoot; see there.

Name for the side shoots of the vine growing out of the leaf axils of the main shoots. Synonyms are Aberzahn, Dolder, Drohler, Eberzahn, Enkel, Geize, Irxe, Kindlein, Ohrlaub and Uchse. In part, however, this is also the name given to grapes growing on stingy shoots. The stingy shoots form from the eye of a shoot, which is called the summer bud. The winter bud next to it then grows into a new summer shoot the following spring. Especially when the main shoot tips early, the summer bud can grow into a considerable side shoot, which can even flower and fruit in the lower part. Usually, however, the stingy shoot remains small or does not sprout at all. Then its bud perishes in the following winter due to insufficient wood maturity. Every grape variety tends to develop stunted shoots to a greater or lesser extent. Growth is promoted by a vigorous rootstock.

Geiztrieb neben Knospe, die im Frühjahr austreibt und Geiztrauben auf dem Geiztrieb nach dem Blattfall

In varieties with a low apical dominance and a strong tendency to form stunt shoots, these lateral...

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