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Japanese name (also O-Choshi) for a vessel with the volume of 150 to 300 ml. It is made of various materials such as porcelain, metal or glass. Usually Tokkuri are bulbous with a narrow neck, but can have a variety of other shapes, such as pumpkin or candle. In these vessels the rice wine sake is heated and served. In contrast, Tokkuri made of glass are used to serve cold sake. The vessel made of tin or copper is called a chirori. Another pouring vessel is katakuchi. Sake is drunk from various drinking vessels such as masu (wooden cube), ochoko (cup) and sakazuki (drinking bowl). See also under rice wine and wine vessels.

verschiedene Tokkuri, ein Ochoko (Becher) und ein Chirori

Text: OSR Dipl.-Päd. Wolfgang Mucher
Tokkuri on the left: Kazaana
Glass-Tokkuri and Chirori: Sake Shop

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