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Tailandia (ES)
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Thaïlande (F)
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Tailândia (PO)
Thailand (N)
In this Southeast Asian country, vines were only planted around the capital Bangkok in the early 1960s. Chalerm Voovidthya's founding of the Siam Wine Company near Samut Sakorn in 1982 is regarded as the beginning of wine growing. The founder also invented the original version of the Austrian energy drink "Red Bull". The first wine-based drink produced in 1986 was the cooler "Spy". The first real wines were produced with French advice in 1997 from Malaga Blanc and Pokdum under the names "Chatemp" and "Monsoon Valley". In 2012, the vineyard area covered 5,000 hectares in the "floating vineyards" in the Chao Phraya delta, as well as in Khao Yai and Hua Hin southwest of Bangkok (in 2000 it was 3,000 hectares). However, the volume of wine production is extremely low, with 95% being planted with table grapes. The grape varieties of the Celtic varieties in 2010 (statistics Kym Anderson):

Grape variety Colour Synonyms or name in Thailand Hectare
Syrah red - 66
Black Queen red Pokdum 17
Malaga White white - 16
Chenin Blanc white - 13
Colombard white - 11
Cabernet sauvignon red - 7
Garnacha Roja white Grenache Gris 6
Tempranillo red - 4
Muscat Blanc / Muscat Plate white - 3
Sangiovese red - 2
Dornfelder red - 2
Viognier white - 1
Pinot noir red - 1

The wines are also offered outside the country in Thai restaurants. The Château de Loei, founded in 1991, is located in the northeast in the Phurua Highlands in the Loei River district. A white wine from Chenin Blanc was produced there in 1995, followed by a red wine from Syrah in 1996. The Boon Rawd Corporation brewery then planted trial vineyards with 50 grape varieties in the highlands around the Khao Yai National Park north of Bangkok in 1995. Today, wines from the international varieties are marketed under "Château des Brumes" and "Gran Monte Estate". A traditional Thai drink is arrak, for the production of which wine is also used

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