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In 1963, the Vaud Winegrowers' Association created an award scheme for the best wines of the canton of Vaud(Switzerland). Only wines that meet the AOC requirements are permitted. However, even a flawless plant does not automatically receive the award, as the assessment and award criteria are much higher. The wines are blind tasted and analysed according to strict guidelines with 25 criteria exclusively sensory (i.e. not chemical). These are divided into the three main groups Vue (appearance) with 1, Smell (Nez = nose) with 10 and Bouche (mouth = taste) with 15 criteria. For each criterion, the grade 0, 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 can be assigned. Special attention is paid to the character and typicity of origin (appellation) or terroir and grape variety, as well as ageing potential

The tastings are carried out by a college of oenologists and other experts with strict conditions. The decisions of the jury are made on the basis of a precise tasting sheet. The tasters never see the bottle, not even covered. They only learn the grape variety and appellation. The assessment is made in a secret ballot, the discussion is only held after the bulletins have been issued. The jury is made up of five tasters, chosen in turn from 35 experts. In order to avoid routine and to guarantee the greatest possible impartiality, it is composed differently each time. Since the foundation of Terravin, this concept has been constantly improved. A course on sensory analysis is held every year for the tasters. The Terravin office works in close collaboration with the Changins technical school to investigate the cause of the reduction aromas that are more common in Chasselas wines

Originally only white wines of the Chasselas variety were allowed, but since 1998 the competition has been open to red wines and other specialities. Among other things, the intensity of colour, aromas, minerality, freshness, complexity, volume and length of the finish are assessed. Finally, less than five percent of Vaud's wine production is awarded the "Lauriers d'Or Terravin" (Golden Laurel of Terravin). This is generally half of the 180 or so wines presented each year. One step above this are the "best of the best" - these are the "Lauriers de Platine Terravin". These are the 16 best "Lauriers d'Or Terravin" of the year. The tasting is completely different. It is a hedonistic, very subjective tasting by 30 oenologists, sommeliers and specialised journalists. Currently, only Chasselas wines can participate, but an opening for the other wines is being considered (status 2013).

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