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termites (GB)
isoptera (ES)
isoptera (F)
cupim (PO)
isoptera (I)
termieten (N)

Large insect family with 2,800 species, which are also called "white ants" due to their bright colour. However, they are not related to ants, but to cockroaches. In viticulture they can act as pests by infesting particularly old vines and hollowing out the older wood, which leads to collapse. They occur mainly in tropical countries; two species also occur in southern Europe. They do not play a role in central and northern Europe. See also under vine enemies.

Termiten - Termitennest mit Eiern, Geschlechtstier und Termitenbau
Picture left: From ARS-USDA, public domain, link
Picture right: From Sebastianjude from Wikipedia, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link

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