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Designation (also claws, curls, noodles, gussets, nooks and crannies) for the fastening organs of the vine. This belongs to the group of climbing plants, whose natural supports are other plants, slender upright woody plants but also hanging climbing plants (lianas). The tendrils are a transformed grape stem framework, the panicle of the inflorescence (clusters or later grapes). They are also closely related to the flowering plants. This can be seen in the occurrence of mixed forms, because side arms of the tendril can have some flowers and those of the appendages can have tendrils. At the node of the shoot they are always opposite the leaf. In the European varieties (species Vitis vinifera) the tendril sequence is discontinuous (with spatial interruptions). This means that in the node sequence on the shoot, after two tendril-bearing nodes, a node without tendril follows. They are forked with two to four branches.

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