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Tauber Valley

Valley named after the river Tauber in Germany, where there are extensive vineyards and viticulture. It stretches 130 kilometres from its origins in Weikersholz, community of Rot am See, to the confluence with the Main in Wertheim (Baden-Württemberg). According to German wine law, it is divided into five sections, which are assigned to three different growing regions. The first vineyards downstream are in Franconia (Steigerwald area), the area between Tauberzell and Creglingen belongs to Württemberg (Kocher-Jagst-Tauber area), from Klingen to Tauberrettersheim again to Franconia (Maindreieck area). The other vineyards downstream between Schäftersheim and Bad Mergentheim belong to Württemberg again. All vineyards west of Mergentheim to Wertheim belong to the Baden wine growing region, namely (although one should not be confused by the similarity of names) to the Tauberfranken area.

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