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Tarantula de Bohème

Synonym for the grape variety Elbling; see there.

The white grape variety came from Germany. Around 125 synonyms testify to its great age and once widespread use. The most important are Aelbinen, Albich, Albig, Alben, Albich, Burgegger, Elbinger, Frankenthaler, Grobriesling, Großriesling, Grüner Heunisch, Kleinberger, Kleinburger, Rheinalben, Schuldenzahler, Silberweiß, Weißer Elbling, Weißer Silvaner, Weißstock(Germany); Burger, Burgauer, Elbling Blanc, Rheinelbe(Alsace); Allemand, Allemand Blanc, Allemand Falcun, Alsacien, Facon Blanc, Facum d'Allemagne, Gonais Blanc, Gros Blanc, Lausanois, Mouillet, Plant Madame, Raisin Blanc des Allemands, Tarant de Bohème, Verdin Blanc (France); Räifrench(Luxembourg); Burger Elbling, Alsatian, Haussard, Ysèle(Switzerland).

Weißer Elbling - Weintraube und Blatt

It must not be confused with the varieties Gouais Blanc (Kleinberger), Gros Blanc, Pedro Ximénez or Silvaner, despite the fact that synonyms or morphological similarities appear to indicate this. In California, the variety Monbadon (Burger) was formerly erroneously called Elbling. But there are other varieties with the name part Elbling. According to Dr. Erika Maul(Julius Kühn Institute) the following five Elbling varieties are genetically differentiated. Confusingly, they have partly...

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