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Tamâioasa Alba

Synonym (also Tamîioasa Alba) for the grape variety Muscat Blanc; see there.

The white grape variety probably originates from Italy or Greece, or more widely expressed "from the Mediterranean". It is the noblest but not most common variety from the large group of Muscatel (see general information there). The French name Muscat Blanc is most commonly used worldwide, the full name after the berry shape is Muscat Blanc à Petits Grains Ronds (Petits Grains Ronds = small round berries). Around 300 synonyms testify to its great age and worldwide distribution. There is hardly any wine-growing country where it is not cultivated. Some of them are varieties with the berry colours white (by far the most common), yellow, grey, green, pink, red, brown, purple, blue and black.

Muscat Blanc - Weintraube und Blatt

The most important ones grouped alphabetically by country are Brown Muscat, Frontignac(Australia); Tamyanka(Bulgaria); Muscat, Yellow Muscat, Grey Muscat, Red Muscat, Black Muscat, Incense Grape, White Muscat, Weirer(Germany, Austria); Muscat Frontignan (Chile); White Frontignan(England); Muscat d'Alsace, Muscat de Colmar, Muscat de Die, Muscat de Lunel, Muscat de Narbonne, Muscat Frontignan(France); Moschato, Moschato Aspro, Moschato Kerkyras, Moschato Lefko, Moschato Mazas, Moschato Samou, Moschato Spinas, Moschato Trani, Moschoudi, Moschoudi Proïmo, Muscat Sámos, Muskuti(Greece); Muscat Canelli(Israel); Generosa, Moscatella Generosa, Moscatello Bianco, Moscatello di Saracena, Moscatello di Taggia, Moscato Bianco, Moscato di Chambave, Moscato d'Asti, Moscato dei Colli Euganei, Moscato di Canelli, Moscato di Momiano, Moscato di Montalcino, Moscato di Noto, Moscato di Tempio, Moscato di Trani, Moscato Reale, Moscodellone(Italy); Istarski Muškat, Momjanski Muškat, Muškat Istarski, Muškat Momjanski (Croatia); Temjanika(Northern Macedonia); Moscatel Branco, Moscatel do Douro, Moscatel Galego Branco(Portugal); Tamâioasa Alba, Tamâioasa Romaneasca(Romania); Muscat Belii, Muscat Belyi, Tamyanka(Russia); Muscat du Valais(Switzerland); Tamjanika,...

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