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Single location in the municipality of Randersacker (Maindreieck area) in the German growing region of Franken. It is crossed by numerous retaining walls, from which the name is derived. With "monte Rode adut Randersacker" (on the mountain Rode near Randersacker) the location was already mentioned in a document in 1240. Today it includes the formerly independent vineyards Hohes Roth, Paradies and Rückersell. The vineyards, which are oriented west-southwest to southwest in the shape of a cone at an altitude of 190 to 280 metres above sea level with a slope gradient of 10 to 60%, comprise 59 hectares of vineyards. The soils consist of shell limestone with alluvial deposits at the foot of the slopes. In the steepest part, the upper soil layers consist of clayey loam, which is also mixed with sand on the slopes. Silvaner, Riesling,Pinot Blanc and PinotNoir are cultivated here. Shares in the vineyard are, for example, the Arnold Wilhelm, Göbel Martin, Meier Markus, Reiss Christian, Schloss Sommerhausen, Schmachtenberger Berthold, Schmitts Kinder, Staatlicher Hofkeller Würzburg, Stahl Albrecht, Störrlein, Trockene Schmitts and Weingut Am Stein.

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