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The red grape variety comes from Spain. Synonyms are Sumoi, Sumoll Negro, Sumoll Tinto, Sunier, Veriariego Negra, Vigiriega, Vigiriega Negra, Vigiriego Negro, Vijariego Negro and Vijiriego Negro. Under Sumoll it was first mentioned in Catalonia in 1797. DNA analyses carried out in 2001 showed that Sumoll, Vijariego Negra (Andalusia) and Vijariego Negro (Canary Islands) are identical, and that the white Vijariego (Vijariega Blanca) is not a colour mutation. There is also no connection to the white variety Sumoll Blanc. Sumoll was a crossing partner of the new breeds Cienna, Rubienne and Tyrian.

This late-maturing, high-yielding vine produces fresh, acidic red wines with fruity aromas, which are mainly used for blending in rosé and red wines. It is cultivated in the region of Catalonia in the DO areas of Alella, Catalunya, Conca de Barberà, Penedès, Pla de Bages and Terra Alta, and in 2010 it was designated a total of 83 hectares of vineyards under the name Sumoll. This year, 295 hectares were registered under the name Vijariego, of which 229 hectares were in the Canary Islands (Kym Anderson).

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