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A system of education (drive guidance); see under arch.

Designation for the type of formation of the one-year-old shoots. Depending on the length of the shoots or the eyes (buds) left on them during pruning, there are different names. A very short shoot is called a cone (1 to 3 eyes), a medium-length shoot is called an elongated shoot (4 to 7 eyes) and a very long shoot is called a rod (8 to 15 eyes). The new, fruit-bearing shoots (summer shoots) develop from the eyes. However, there is no uniform standardisation in this respect; the number of eyes often varies somewhat locally. The term arch is also used for both the extensor and the cane. And "Strecker" is a term for the medium-length shoot and also for the shape of the flat arch. The left shoots are formed and fixed with the wire frame support (bending). The individual shapes are typical for different training systems. Today, the flat or half arch is mostly used.

Bogen - verschiedene Formen


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