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Spring wine

Name in common use in Austria and Germany for a young, fresh and light white wine, bottled early, intended for quick consumption and also marketed under this name. However, it has no legal significance whatsoever in terms of wine law. However, the term is not unambiguous; in southern Germany, for example, wines produced from dandelion blossoms used to be described in this way. According to an old custom of Celtic origin, spring wines were enjoyed with the first grown strawberries at the festival of the reawakened spring "Beltane" from April 30 to May 1, better known as Walpurgis Night. Beltane is the sun god, who grew up to a sexually mature young man and now takes over again. Sometimes the summer wines are called like this. In France, spring wine is known under "Vin de printemps" as red wine punch with strawberries. See also under special wines.

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