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sour wine

vin aigre (F)

Negative description for the taste of a wine in the context of a wine address. It is characterised by acidity that is too concise and already perceived as unpleasant. For an acidic wine, there are locally varying imaginative names such as Blämbel (Plämbel), Darmreißer, Hacklschleifer, Heckenklescher, Krätzer, Kutscher, Lentschemacher, Mops, Rabiatperle, Rachaputzer, Reifbeißer, Sauerampfer, Schüttwein, Semsakrebsler (Simsekrebsler), Sur-Igel and Türkenwein. But there are also many terms describing acidity that are positive or even desirable for white wine (see acidic). In contrast to this is a faulty or spoiled wine (see under acetic acid).

Saurer Wein - Weingläser mit Trauben und Weingenießer

There are many bonmots and often drastically exaggerated stories about sour wine and its effects. One of them is the so-called Reifbeißer from the medieval Vienna (Austria) from a particularly poor vintage. Another not very serious gag comes from Bavaria, where a lot of wine was grown until the 17th century, but which often turned out to be quite sour due to not optimal conditions. Allegedly, bells were said to have rung at midnight in some communities there. The purpose was to wake people up and turn around so that the sour wine would not eat through their stomach walls.

Wine glasses: Picture from ArtTower on Pixabay
Wine connoisseur: Peter Kraemer the Elder

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