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Dialect expression from the Italian Piedmont for a vineyard with a slope of first quality facing mainly the midday sun. There are even more differentiated terms such as "Sori de mattino" (morning exposure, facing southeast) and "Sori de sera" (evening exposure, facing southwest). This denomination was first used on a label by the winemaker Angelo Gaja in 1967 in the form "Barbaresco Sori San Lorenzo". In the meantime, the term is often used, for example, for sites or for wines pressed from them in the DOC zones Barbaresco, Barolo and Dolcetto di Diano d'Alba. Sori corresponds most closely to the French Grand Cru. Other designations for qualitatively outstanding areas are Bricco, Colli, Ronco, Serra and Vigna. A list of keywords relevant to vines is included under vineyard area.

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