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Designation of a bottle oversize for champagne with the volume of 20 litres, or the content of almost 27 normal bottles. However, the name is not protected of origin, but can be used freely for sparkling wines or wines. As one of the few champagne houses the Drappier company uses this rare oversize. The name is derived from the Jewish King Solomon (972-932 BC), whose name became a symbol of wisdom and justice. Solomon (also Solomon, Šəlomoh) was only the fourth of the sons of David entitled to the throne (see under Goliath) and nevertheless came to rule over the Jewish double kingdom of Israel-Juda. He expanded and fortified Jerusalem and had the first temple built. After his death his son Rehoboam took over the rule. Jeroboam, who was exiled from Solomon, founded the Northern Kingdom of Israel in the same year with ten tribes as the second state next to Judah. Bottle oversizes are also named after them. See a list of all bottle designations under Bottles and generally under Wine Vessels.

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