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Spanish name (also Solera-Criadera system) for the traditional storage and blending system of younger and older wines, i.e. different vintages in the production of sherry. The process is also used alternatively in the production of Madeira, Malaga, brandies(brandy, whisky, etc.) and vinegar (wine vinegar). The name is derived from the lowest row of barrels (Solera = "lying on the ground"). Most sherries pass through six to seven, in extreme cases up to 14 solera stages. From the lowest row of barrels, a part (up to one third) of the finished matured sherry is taken annually for bottling and marketing. From bottom to top, the removal (Saca) and filling (Rocío) from the row above takes place. The average ageing time for a wine in the Solera system is obtained by dividing the total stock of wine in a Solera system by the amount of annual extraction. The quotient must be greater than two. A wine may therefore be marketed after two years at the earliest

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