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Slow wine

Slow Wine A wine guide published by the Slow Food association, after the collaboration with Gambero Rosso ended in 2009 after more than 22 years. The first edition "Slow Wine 2011" was published at the end of 2010. Responsible are the wine critics Giancarlo Gariglio and Fabio Giavedoni. From 200 tasters, 21,000 wines from 2,100 producers have been tasted and 1,850 wineries with 8,400 wines have been included in the guide. The guide includes brief descriptions of the history and philosophy of the winery, the vineyards and a list of the wines that were particularly appreciated. There is no point rating, but the three symbols bottle, Euro-sign and snail are used for producers and wines. Evaluation criteria are ecological thinking and philosophy of the producers, the grape varieties as well as the regional roots of wines and wineries.

Producers with a high average quality of their range are given 'la bottiglia' (the bottle) as a symbol. Those with an above-average price-quality ratio are identified by "la moneta" (the euro symbol). The most valuable award "la chiocciola" (the snail) is given to producers "who live the Slow Food philosophy", i.e. who produce wines of above-average quality with an origin character in the most sustainable way possible. The wines are classified according to similar criteria. There is the "Grande Vino" with an exceptional taste; the "Vino Quotidiano" (wine for every day) as a very good wine under 10 euros, and as the crowning glory the "Slow Wine" - which, in addition to its excellent organoleptic characteristics, is distinguished by its character of origin, its history and the sustainability of its production. There are no gradations or ranks within the individual criteria. See also under wine rating.

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