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A high-proof brandy from Bolivia that is considered the national drink. It was already produced in the 16th century by Augustinian monks who came to the country with the conquistadores. They planted the Muscat d'Alexandrie variety, which ripens to a high sweetness in the high-altitude vineyards at 2,600 metres above sea level and is particularly suitable for this purpose. The traditional process used peasant distillation equipment made of clay jars sealed with fresh clay and cooling pipes made of reeds. Singani has been a controlled designation of origin with defined geographical boundaries since 1992. This applies to the central valley of the department of Tarija on the border with Argentina and Paraguay, the valleys of the provinces of North and South Cinti and Tomina in the department of Chuquisaca, Sahapaqui, Luribay and the provinces of Loayza and Murillo in the department of La Paz, the valleys of Turuchipa (Municipio Ckochas), Cotagaita, Vicchoca (Canton Cotagaita), Tumusla, Poco Poco and Tirquibuco (Municipio Betanzos) and Oroncota (Municipio Puna) in the Department of Potosi.

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