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The white grape variety originated in the USA. Synonyms are American Muscadine, Big White Grape, Bull, Bullace, Bullet, Bullet Grape, Green Muscadine, Green Scuppernong, Hickman's Grape, Pedee, Roanoke, White Muscadine, White Scuppernong and Yellow Muscadine. It is an all-female grape variety and one of the few of the subgenus Muscadinia species Vitis rotundifolia. Along with Alexander, Catawba, Concord, Niagara and Norton, it is one of the most important historical varieties in the USA. It was one of the first American vines from which wine was made in North America. Mistakenly, all Muscadinia vines are often called Scuppernong. Presumably it is a direct descendant of wild vines. The large, spherical berries are white-green to bronze in colour, so that a mutation of the dark berried Vitis rotundifolia is assumed.

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