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Single vineyard site (also Im Röttgen) in the municipality of Winningen (area of Burg Cochem) in the German Moselle wine region. The name is derived from the dialectal "Rödchen" (a "small clearing"). The location is relatively young. At the request of the mayor of Winningen, Prussian soldiers lying in Koblenz had transformed a large rock into a vineyard. White pebbles embedded in one of the many dry stone walls of the "Röttgen" name the year of origin 1822. The well-known owner of the vineyard, Johann Philipp Bronner (1792-1864), described the site about ten years after its completion full of admiration and enthusiasm as follows Blasted through powder, and worked by many helping hands in such a way that the whole thing now forms an excellent vineyard, which was wrested from nature by art and human hands. To the passing traveller it seems incomprehensible how these individual parthia can be scattered between rocks and often not connected at all, only cultivated, or provided with fertilizer and the like, since they do not seem to be connected at all, only art has conquered all obstacles of nature

The location offers an impressive picture. Separated from the Moselle only by the main road and railway line, swallow's nests grow like small and tiny terraces out of the rock and climb about 100 meters up the vineyard. The vineyard, which faces south to east at an altitude of 75 to 180 metres above sea level with a slope gradient of 40 to 75%, comprises almost 12 hectares of vineyards on stony Devonian slate weathered soil with some red and blue inlets. Almost exclusively Riesling is cultivated here. Shares in the vineyard are held, for example, by the Freiherr von Heddesdorff, Fries Reiner, Heymann-Löwenstein, Knebel Beate, Kröber Rüdiger and Richter Richard.

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