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roasted aroma (GB)
notes/odeur de torréfaction, notes/odeur de grillé (F)
aroma torrefacto (ES)
aroma tostato/torrefatto (I)

Description (also scorched, baked, roasted aroma) for the smell or taste of a wine in the context of a wine address. Such a wine smells and tastes of "warm earth", pebbles or roasted fruits. This sensation can occur especially with red wines and dessert wines from hot vintages. This is also typical for wines from hot growing regions such as the French Rhône Valley, Australia and California. Wines matured in barriques also have a toasted note due to toasting of the barrels - the so-called wood tone or toast aroma. Similar tones are described as buttery, caramelised, smoky and burnt.

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