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respekt-BIODYN Association for Biodynamic Viticulture founded in 2007 under the name "respekt" and based in Austria. In 2015, the name was expanded to "respekt-BIODYN". Today, vintners from South Tyrol, Germany, Austria and Hungary belong to the association. The purpose of the group, besides sharing the path of biodynamic winemaking, is mutual training and support. Knowledge is expanded in the form of regular seminars and workshops. Only wines certified according to the respekt-BIODYN guidelines are entitled to the logo. These wines are guaranteed to be produced biodynamically. The circle symbolises the earth and the closed cycle of nature (birth, life, death, composting, new life) but also the "farm individuality" (in the sense of a closed cycle). The stars and the moon symbolise the cosmos, which influences all life on earth.

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