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Residual sugar spindle

These instruments work according to the hydrometric principle and react to the relative density of the liquid. With a residual sugar spindle including a thermometer according to Dr. Kielhöfer, the content of unfermented sugar, i.e. the residual sugar in wine, can be determined quite accurately. However, this requires the original must weight in Oechsle or KMW of the wine in question. The residual sugar spindle reading applies when the thermometer shows exactly 20 °Celsius. For every degree above this, 0.2 sugar degrees must be added, for every degree below this, 0.2 sugar degrees must be subtracted. Using the temperature-corrected sugar value and the original must weight, the sugar content of the wine in g/l can be taken from a table (the sugar chart). These instruments are calibrated for wines of average extract and alcohol content. Deviations from this result in a different immersion depth. They are therefore relatively imprecise and cannot provide exact measured values. See the different taste directions (dry to sweet) under sugar content, as well as under units of measurement.

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