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A term frequently used in the Middle Ages in the German-speaking world for a particular wine. There are also the spellings Rainfal, Rainfald, Rainval, Reinfal, Reinfall, Reinfahl, Rhine Falls and Welschwein. The meaning of the name is unclear. Possibly "Welschwein" indicates a similar meaning to "welsch" (foreign = foreign wine). Reinval wine was often mentioned together with malvasia and muscatel and was often characterised as sweet. The famous wine author Johann Rasch (1540-1612) mentions it with the verse "The Rainfal is allways the best, before all sweet wines gewest". For a long time it was not clear what kind of wine or grape variety it was. Eventually, a clue was discovered in a rhyming chronicle consisting of over 100,000 verses by the historian Ottokar of Styria (1265-1322). In it he mentions grape varieties from the region of Istria (today's Croatia and Slovenia) with the wines that go with them. Among other things, Reinval is mentioned from the Rebulo variety, which is a synonym for the Ribolla Gialla from Friuli, which is called Rebula in Slovenia. It is therefore likely to have been this variety.

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