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In Austria, this is a special term (also reed) used for a vineyard or vineyard plot. It is derived from the Old High German riod (riuti = clearing), a place that has been reclaimed for viticulture by cutting out the forest and clearing the land. According to Austrian wine law, a reed is a part of a municipality which, due to natural or artificial boundaries or as a result of its viticultural use, is an independent part of the municipality and which has either already been designated as Weinbauried or, due to its location and soil characteristics, can be expected to produce similar and equivalent wines.

Weingut Manfred Tement Südsteiermark (Österreich) - Riede Zieregg


Many Austrian vineyard names have a long tradition, some of them are old field names. In contrast to Germany, however, the names do not (yet) appear so often on labels in Austria. In this respect, however, there is a trend reversal. The following associations and their winegrowers are trying to classify sites and vineyards in Austria:

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