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Red heunisch

The red berry grape variety Heunisch Rot 1 originates from Austria. There are over 50 synonyms, some of which are Baboleih, Belina, Bellina Ranfolizza, Gouais Gris (?), Grauer Heunisch, Heunisch Rosso, Heunisch Rot No 1, Heunisch Rouge, Lipoushina, Rambela, Rambelina, Rambola, Rambolina, Ranfolina, Ranfolna, Ranfolner, Redeja, Redeja Belina, Redezha, Redezha Lipoushina, Retzer, Römer, Rote Cibebe, Roter Brünner, Roter Wippacher, Rothe Cibebe, Rothe Wippachertraube, Rother Hainer, Rother Haisler, Rother Heinisch, Rother Heinsch, Rother Reifler, Rother Hynsch and Rothhynsch. The parentage (parenthood) is unknown.

Roter Heunisch - Weintraube 1, Blatt und Weintraube 2

The rose berry grape variety Heunisch Rot 2 comes from Austria. There are no synonyms. According to DNA analyses carried out in 2013, it comes from a presumably natural cross between White Heunisch (Gouais Blanc) x unknown variety. However, this is based on only 20 DNA markers (see molecular genetics).

Both varieties have no commercial significance; no stocks were reported in 2010 (Statistics Kym Anderson). See the different varieties of the Heunisch group under Gouais Blanc.

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