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A special system developed in Germany as an alternative to conventional barrique barrels for barrique maturing. It is produced in Hochstadt in der Pfalz by rebarriQue GmbH & CoKG. The basic idea is a dismountable, square "Barrique barrel", which can be renewed and toasted (Retoast) on the inside of the walls almost as often as desired. The barrel staves are considerably shorter and - with increasing number of retoasts - also thinner than conventional barrel staves. This results in an up to 90% lower consumption of oak wood for the production of barrel staves as well as a significantly lower consumption of space in the barrel stores of the winegrowers. The manufacturer argues with the advantage of sustainability and justifies this as follows: In conventional barrels, only 10 to 15% of the total wood mass is effectively used for the extraction of phenols and tannins for the ageing of wines, spirits and craft beer. Unfortunately, the entire rest of this wood mass (in the picture on the left, light yellow to ochre) often remains unused and pollutes the environment due to its energy-intensive harvesting, production and transport conditions.

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