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Rapid ice

A wine cooler brand (also known as Rapid Ice Cooler) in the form of a 17 centimetre high cuff, which is equipped on the inside with six oblong-shaped cushions. The pads contain a completely non-toxic gel that does not freeze even at temperatures as low as minus 40 °Celsius, but remains supple. Before use, place the cuff in the freezer for at least six hours. It is then pulled over the wine bottle as required and cools down to an optimal wine temperature within five to a maximum of ten minutes (up to 10 °Celsius colder). If the cuff is left on the bottle, the effect lasts up to several hours. There are different sizes for slim wine bottles and also for more bulbous sparkling wine bottles. The Canadian product Ravi Wine Chiller offers a completely different technique and above all a much faster form of wine cooling. For more information on this topic, see also Wine Cooling.

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