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There are countless anecdotes, stories and legends about wine. Even in ancient writings and religious works, wine is a very popular and central theme. A good example is the Bible, which contains countless quotations about and in connection with wine. One of the most beautiful is that in Psalm 104/15: "Wine gladdens the heart of man. Wine and love are a wonderful combination and quite a few people probably owe their existence to a few glasses of wine. The vernacular expresses it aptly: Where Bacchus lights the fire, Mrs. Venus sits by the stove. There are anecdotes and quotations about wine from many famous people. A true declaration of love for champagne comes from Madame Lily Bollinger (1899-1977), the famous head of the Champagne House. Probably one of the most beautiful anecdotes comes from the French statesman Prince Charles Maurice Talleyrand-Périgord (1754-1838).

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