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Quality score

Evaluation result for the allocation of the official examination number; see there.

Amtliche Prüfnummer Mandatory sensory and analytical testing for quality wines or pedicate wines in Germany (this is not necessary for the two quality categories wine and country wine). The official test number is issued as proof that the test has been passed and must be stated on the label. From this number, the inspection body, producer and vintage can be traced back without any doubt.

The wine may not be altered from the date on which the application is submitted until the end of the procedure and from the date of issue. However, this prohibition shall be without prejudice to any necessary precautions for normal wine care. These include sulphurization, the addition of ascorbic acid and metatartaric acid and filtration (but not the various Schönenfining techniques).

analytical and sensory testing

The analytical examination by standardised methods includes...

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