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The synthetically produced substance polyvinylpolypyrrolidone (also known as polyvidone or povidone) is a powdered carbon compound with high adsorption capacity (adsorption of gases or dissolved substances) against turbidity substances. It belongs to the group of synthetic resins (see also Resins). In the beverage industry, for example in beer, it is used for the removal of turbidity substances. In vinification PVPP is used for fining and stabilising. It is used to bind and remove phenolic substances (tannins and dyes) and their oxidation products. It acts much more specifically than protein-containing agents such as gelatine or casein. Even with a noticeable reduction in tannins, the aroma is hardly or not at all attacked, but the wine becomes lighter and smoother. The wine's ability to oxidise is reduced, thus stabilising the colour. PVPP is also used against the wine defects of high colour and horse sweat. It can be largely removed again by filtration.

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