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Designation for a small, squat, straw-braided wine bottle in use in the Italian region of Umbria, similar to the fiasco bottle used in Tuscany. Amongst other things, it is used in part for the white wines Est! Est! Est!! Est!!!! di Montefiascone and Orvieto. The name means "little chick" (pulcino = chicken) and is originally a figure of the southern Italian and Neapolitan folk theatre. There, Pulcinello (Neapolitan Pulecenella, Italian Policinello, French Policinelle) is mostly to be found as a sly, cunning, coarse and at the same time simple and foolish, greedy servant of peasant origin. He corresponds to the German "Hanswurst". See also under Bottles and Wine Vessels with all types of bottles.

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