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The grape variety with many colour variations probably originates from France. There are about 40 synonyms; some of which are Blue Blussard, Blue Malvasia, Blussard, Blussard Blue, Blussard Modry, Cornelle, Drille de Coq, Small-leaved Finger Grape, Mècle, Mescle, Méthie, Miècle, Olivette, Pandouleau, Pellosard, Pelossard, Peloussard, Pendoulot, Plant d'Arbois, Pleusard, Pleusart, Ploussard, Ploussard Noir, Ploussart, Ploussart Noir, Plussart, Polozard, Poulsard Blanc, Poulsard Rouge, Poulsard Noir, Poulsard Noir Musqué, Pulceau, Pulsard, Pulsare, Pulsare Blau, Quille de Coque, Raisin Perle, Schwarzer Malvasier and Yurskii Zhemchug. It must not be confused with the varieties Mècle de Bourgoin, Peloursin or Tressot Noir, despite seemingly suggestive synonyms or morphological similarities. The most common variety Poulsard Noir has a plum-like colour (pelosse is the common name for plum in the Jura). There are the somatic mutations Poulsard Blanc (white) and Poulsard Rouge (red), as well as the flavourful variety Poulsard Noir Musqué with a subtle muscat tone. An open-pollinated seedling of Poulsard is the variety Bacchus Noir. These varieties are almost extinct.

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