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Term used in land surveying for a small piece of land for agricultural use or as building land. It is usually referred to as a parcel of land and is the smallest accounting unit of land ownership in the real estate cadastre or land register. The term is derived from the Latin "particula", which means "particle" (small part). However, it is by no means standardised in terms of size or condition, but rather covers a smaller part of a larger area. Frequently the term "particle" is used to refer to separate ownership shares or parts that belong together for other reasons, such as "planted with the same grape variety", "same orientation to the sun" or "same soil type or soil composition". In viticulture, this is a general term for a smaller part of a vineyard, a vineyard (vineyard) or a single vineyard site or reed. In Germany there is the designation Gewann or, with appropriate permission, the term cadastral site as defined by wine law. See a list of all designations under vineyard area.

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