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Petit Meslier

The white grape variety originates from France. Synonyms are Arino, Barnay, Bernet, Crène, Lepine, Mayer, Melié, Melié Blanc, Meslier de Champagne, Meslier Doré, Meslier Jaune, Meslier Petit, Meslier Vert, Orbois, Parisien, Petit Meslier à Queue Rouge and Saint Lye. Despite seemingly suggestive synonyms or morphological similarities, it must not be confused with the varieties Welschriesling (Graševina), Menu Pineau (Orbois) or Meslier Saint-François. According to DNA analyses carried out in 2013, it is a presumably natural cross between Gouais Blanc x Savagnin Blanc (Traminer). Petit Meslier comes from the north-east of France between Champagne and Franche-Comté. A cross between Gamay x Petit Meslier gave rise to the variety Meslier Noir. The grape is susceptible to trickling and small grapes as well as to botrytis in particular. It produces very acidic white wines with aromas of rhubarb and green apples. For historical reasons, it is permitted for Champagne, as is Arbane, and is used, for example, by the Champagne house Duval-Leroy. It is grown on just under three hectares in France and 0.5 hectares in Australia. In 2016, three hectares of vines were designated (Kym Anderson statistics).

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